Every company is going to be a software company, but while a century passed between the first and second industrial revolutions, the way software is built and maintained changes much more quickly than that. The landscape for developer tools, infrastructure software, and security is ever-changing.

I’m a Partner at Decibel, a firm focused on backing enterprise infrastructure founders at the earliest stages. I have the privilege of meeting many of the best founders building in these categories, learning a lot along the way. My goal with this Substack is to collect and share some of those learnings, as well as highlighting startups trying to build products in those areas.

Given the topics, most of the content will be technical in nature, with some more high-level commentary. You will probably find it interesting if you are:

  • A software engineer or technologist who is interested in learning about new tools to build with.

  • A founder / CTO who wants to learn more about how other companies are making their engineers more productive, and infrastructures more robust.

  • An investor trying to learn more about the market.

In terms of cadence, I will experiment with what feels right, but it will likely be biweekly. Hope you enjoy it, and feel free to send over feedback, as well as sending over to your friends!


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Partner & CTO @ Decibel, investing in infrastructure, security, dev tools and enterprise SaaS. Writing about things related to it.