Founder Bolt with Paul Butler, founder of Drifting in Space
Founder Bolt with Connor Hicks from Suborbital
Founder Bolt with Keith Horwood from Autocode
Founder Bolt with Jai Pradeesh from DeepSource
NFTs (non-fungible tokens) seem to be everywhere in the press and on social medias. While I admittedly don’t get the enthusiasm behind the basic “this…
Founder Bolt: Brian Anderson of Nacelle
Over the last few years, the JAMstack has started to gain a lot of mainstream attention. There’s been a ton of innovation in this space across the…
There’s a reason why “Don’t poke the bear" is a saying. On January 19th, Elastic published a blog post announcing some of the reasoning behind the…
If you’re reading this, the idea for this Substack didn’t end up in my pile of abandoned side projects! My goal with this newsletter is to keep track of…
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